Let’s make family holidays affordable for everyone.

We’re launching a campaign to bring parents and headteachers together to #ChangeSchoolTermDates so that school holidays are staggered across the UK. It’s simple: spreading demand will increase affordability for hard-working families.

How We’ll Work Together

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This campaign is all about numbers – the more parents that sign up the better chance we have of making a real difference. We simply need you to sign up and share.

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This is our part – we’ll get in touch with individual schools once 20 parents sign up from that school. We’ll then send you weekly updates on our campaign progress.

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Once 100,000 parents sign up, we hope to hold regional meetings with headteachers to agree on new school term dates. Let’s do it Britain!

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The Benefits of Quality Family Time


Learning doesn’t just take place inside the four walls of the classroom. Many studies state holidays can influence a child’s educational achievement.


Quality time together is important for the mental health and wellbeing of the whole family; it strengthens family bonds.

Social Justice

When kids have opportunities to explore new foods, different cultures and unfamiliar surroundings, they become better informed citizens.

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What About Term Time Holidays?

Our research shows huge support among parents and headteachers for relaxing rules around term time holidays. Most parents believe term time holidays should be discouraged but not forbidden and that permission for holidays should be given at the discretion of individual headteachers. We think it should be up to local communities to decide what’s best. Our campaign seeks a broader solution and empowers local communities to make positive changes.

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Did You Know?

In several European countries, such as Germany, the practice of staggering school holidays is well established. This reduces the pressure of peak demand and enables families to enjoy more affordable holidays. The term dates are set in a structured way by region to ensure this is less likely to be problematic for local families who have members attending or working at different schools. Efficient, eh?

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Our Story

Our team here at TimeAway had the good fortune of great parents who took us on memorable family holidays. It’s what inspired us to build a travel company. We know how important it is to have that quality family time together.

We have the technology and resources to make a real difference. Through community action online we believe that we can coordinate schools and parents towards changing term times – allowing families to go on cheaper holidays.

We hope that through our campaign, we’ll prove to you just how committed we are to your quality family TimeAway.

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